Getting Around 2015


We recommend taking public transportation to Georgetown University, as parking can be difficult (for parking information, see the Campus Tab). Most people take a combination of MetroRail and some sort of bus to get to campus.

The easiest way to plan your trips into Washington DC is with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) online Trip Planner or transit directions in Google Maps. WMATA runs MetroRail (locally known as “the Metro” — the DC subway system), MetroBus, and the DC Circulator. Tickets are available at kiosks in the stations, though you also might consider purchasing a reloadable SmarTrip card, as fares are reduced. The tickets and cards work for both the rail and bus systems. Buses will also accept cash, but only the exact amount of fare.


Unfortunately, Georgetown does not have a metro stop. The closest stops are Rosslyn (1.1 miles away on the Blue and Orange Lines) across the Key Bridge in Virginia; Foggy Bottom (1.5 miles away on Blue/Orange Lines), or Dupont Circle (1.6 miles away on Red Line). From each of these stops you can find buses or taxis to take you to the campus (see MetroBus, DC Circulator, or GUTS below). Here is a map of the Metrorail system.


This map shows all of the DC-run buses that pass by Georgetown and their connections to Metro stations, including the DC Circulator. The bus lines G2, D2, and D6 will get you to and from Dupont Circle (Red Line). The 38B will help you get from Rosslyn station (Blue/Orange), and the 31, 32, and 36 will get you from Foggy Bottom (Blue/Orange). You may need to walk a few blocks from Wisconsin Avenue for these lines. Check the trip planner at for timetables and stop locations.

♦DC Circulator♦

The DC Circulator is a red bus that operates like a shuttle. It runs constantly, has short routes to the most popular destinations, and only costs $1 per trip (SmarTrip cards also accepted). Two of the routes go to Georgetown: the Rosslyn Metro-Georgetown-Dupont Circle route, and the Georgetown-Union Station route. More information can be found here.


In addition to DC-wide services, Georgetown University Transportation Shuttles (GUTS) run frequently between campus and Rosslyn Metro Station and Dupont Circle on weekdays (Monday-Friday) and Saturdays. On weekdays, there is also a shuttle between campus and Nos. 2115 and 2233 on Wisconsin Avenue.

GUTS operate every 5-10 minutes during peak commuting times, and every 20 minutes at other times. The GUTS service is free, but visitors must present an ID upon getting on the bus.

In Rosslyn, the GUTS stop is at the Metro stop at 19th and Moore Streets. At Dupont Circle, the GUTS stop is at 20th Street and Massachusetts Avenue. Different shuttle routes have diffrent pick-up and drop-off location on campus. For more information about the shuttle service please visit the GUTS Website.


Following the lead of Paris, DC now has Capital Bikeshare with bicycle stations all around the city if you are interested in cruising on two wheels. Subscriptions can be for a few hours up to a year. There is a station just outside the front gates of Georgetown University.


The Wisconsin Avenue Holiday Inn (but no other Holiday Inn) offers free hotel shuttle service to the Georgetown campus upon request. Please ask at the reception for assistance.



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The official tourism site of Washington, DC

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority