All sessions and events are held in the Edward B. Bunn, S.J. Intercultural Center (ICC). You can find the location of the building following the link to the campus map and then searching for “ICC” in the upper left field.

If you prefer traditional directions: from the Main Gates, follow the diagonal path to the right until you reach Red Square. The ICC is the red brick building.

The main entrance of the ICC building faces east.

From this door, you access the ICC Galleria in the 3rd floor. In this building, the 3rd floor is at the ground level.

The Galleria is the common space, where registration, breaks, lunch, and poster sessions are held.

To the left of the main entrance, you have the elevators. You need to go down two levels to reach the 1rst floor, where the concurrent sessions and panels are held.

To reach the Auditorium, where plenary sessions will take place, you need to walk to the opposite side of the main entrance. Going down half level using the stairs that can be seen towards the end (on the right side) in the picture of the Galleria above, you will have the entrance of the Auditorium on your left.