Abstract Submission 2008

Paper/Poster Abstract Submissions

There are two ways that paper/poster authors could submit their abstracts – either uploading their abstracts or cutting and pasting their abstracts. If you decide to upload your abstract as an attachment, your submission must be in either Adobe PDF (pdf) or Microsoft Word (doc) format. The file’s name should have the proper MIME extent associated with its document type. For example, a pdf file could have a name such as “myabstract.pdf”. If desired, the file may also be compressed in any standard format, with MIME extent corresponding to the compression type (eg., pdf.gz for a gzipped pdf file, etc.). Alternatively, you can also paste your abstract into the Abstract Box through our submission interface. Either pasting in or attaching your abstract is sufficient. However, paper and poster abstracts are limited to a total number of 250 words. Please refer to the submission page for more information.

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Colloquium Proposal Submissions

Organizers of colloquia should submit two different files – one general abstract for the overall session and another file containing all the individual abstracts. Organizers are advised to paste their general abstracts into the Abstract Box and then upload the individual abstracts as an attachment. The attachments should be in either .pdf or Microsoft Word format. Although there are no restrictions on the lengths of individual abstracts within a colloquium, general abstracts for colloquia are limited to a maximum of 250 words. More information is available on the main submission page.

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Important Deadlines

Proposal submission deadline is October 15, 2007. Notification of proposal acceptance will be sent out by December 18, 2007.

Technical Assistance

If you encounter any technical difficulties while submitting your abstract, please contact the webmaster here. In your email, please include a detailed and clear description of the problem that you faced.