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The Georgetown University Round Table (GURT) on Languages and Linguistics was first held in 1949 and has been held every year since, covering a wide range of topics differing from year to year. As in previous years, GURT 2019 will be embellished by Washington’s Cherry Blossom Festival, all being well, and lead to a volume of papers published by Georgetown University Press.

The theme of the Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics (GURT) 2019 is Linguistics and the Public Good: Representing the Language of Underrepresented Groups.

GURT 2019 invites submissions for papers and posters on the topic of representing the language of underrepresented groups.  As linguists, we serve the public good in expanding knowledge of the diversity and universality of linguistic aspects of human cognition and social interaction.  One of the best ways to expand this knowledge is through the description and analysis of languages and language varieties that are underrepresented in the literature.  But we also have a responsibility to serve the public good by advocating for those whose languages and dialects we analyze, especially those groups who are underrepresented and under-served in society at large.

Below is a list of past GURT meetings and their topics: