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9:00- 5:00 Registration/Check-In ICC Galleria
 8:30-9:00Breakfast ICC Galleria
9:00-10:30pmConcurrent Sessions

Lexicon, syntax

Lg. Dev. ICC 108
Chair: Daniel Stewart

9:00 Carmen Pérez-Vidal & Zeynep Köylü 
Formulaicity and lexical complexity development in SA: The case of SALA 

 9:30 Irmak Su Tütüncü, Samantha N. Emerson, Jing Paul, Murat Şengül & Şeyda Özçalışkan 
Learning novel words for motion by speakers of structurally different languages 

10:00 Jessica Kotfila, Heidi Getz, & Elissa Newport
The Acquisition of Word Order: From Strings to Sentences

Heritage speakers

Program Design    ICC 115
Chair: Víctor Fernández-Mallat

9:00 Tammy Jandrey Hertel & Abby Dings
The study abroad experiences of heritage Spanish speakers

9:30 Silvia Marijuan & Scott Ferree
Navigating linguistic and cultural boundaries: Spanish heritage speakers and pre-departure exchanges in study abroad

10:00 Gorka Basterretxea Santiso, Andrea Hernando, Fatima Ventura Ramirez, Caroline Vail & Cristina Sanz
A mixed methods study on scholars’ and practitioners’ perspectives on heritage speakers and study abroad

Pragmatics & sociolinguistics

Lg. Dev. ICC 107
Chair: Joe Cunningham

9:00 Himmet Sarıtaş & Şeyda Özçalışkan 
How gesture helps with disfluent speech for second language learners in face-to-face and online interactions 

9:30 Àngels Llanes, Ariadna Sánchez & Júlia Barón 

The development of pragmatic markers in children: Does learning context matter? 

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break ICC Galleria
11:00-11:50Eva Alcón ICC Auditorium
TItle: Studying Abroad in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges
12:00Concurrent Sessions


Panel 2 — SA research and SLA theory: What’s the connection?

1:30 Poster Session 1 ICC Galleria
Instructions for presenters

Weiqi Zhao & Hye Pae How bilinguals read: cross-language phonological activation in English as second language learners
Andrea Paola Hernando & Caroline Vail Tenía miedo de darme cuenta de que no hablo español: Understanding anxiety in study abroad
Gabrielle Stokes, Adriana Miller, Michele Diaz & Janet van Hell Understanding emotion in different languages: Emotional prosody recognition in bilinguals and the impact of background noise
Sydney Carroll The rose that grew from concrete: An auto-ethnographic experience of an African American women’s perspective on her journey of self identity development while in Germany
Esther Vicente Manzanedo Differences in aptitude in multilingual children from two age groups
Jennie Roloff Rothman Utilizing CLIL to Prepare Japanese Students for Study Abroad
Helena Roquet Pugès, Adriana Soto Corominas, Noelia Navarro, Marta Segura, & Yagmur Elif Met CLIL effects on receptive vocabulary and grammar gains in English, Catalan and Spanish in Catalonia
Halyna Zaporozhets Studybridge Ukraine-Germany as curricula development cooperation in language learning before and during war time in Europe
Walther Glodstaf Assisting the development of heritage languages via study abroad: Results from a priming Study
Anna H.-J. Do Enhancing ESL Programs at CUNY
1:30 Lunch ICC Galleria

Cosponsor: Education Office, Embassy of Spain
2:30-4:00 Concurrent Sessions

Social networks

Lg. Dev.   ICC 108
Chair: Víctor Fernández-Mallat

2:30 Kristen Kennedy Terry & Robert Bayley
Quantitative social network analysis: a critical tool for understanding language acquisition during study abroad

3:00 Andrzej Jarynowski, Karolina Czopek & Michał B. Paradowski 
Ukrainian refugees learning Polish: Language background, affective factors, and  social networks

3:30 Zeynep Köylü & Betül Bulut Sahin 
Shaping your stay abroad: Individual and contextual differences 

Panel 3 — Study Abroad Research Methods In Concept and in Action

 ICC 107

2:30-4:00 Harriet W Bowden & Bernard Issa, Convenors

Bernard Issa & Janire Zalbidea
A Review Of Working Memory Tasks Used In Study Abroad Research

Irene Finestrat & Kara Morgan-Short
Methods to Examine Second Language Processing in Study Abroad Research

Harriet Wood Bowden & Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg
Measuring Second Language Contact During Study Abroad

4:00 Poster Session 2 ICC Galleria
Instructions for presenters
Xinhang Hermione Hu & Kellie Rolstad Learning and teaching abroad: Autobiographical narratives about multinominal, multilingual, and multicultural identity
Bokyung Mun The acquisition of emotive predicates in Korean
Hyun-Sook Kang, Summer Xu & Parya Jangjou International students’ global engagement in US Higher Education: Shifting away from a deficit view
Pablo G. Celis-Castillo Costa Rica: Language, culture, and ecotourism
Gengqi Xiao & Donna DelPrete Confronting linguistic borders through translanguaging practices in a multilingual U.S. secondary school
Kumiko Tsuji Developing intercultural competence and global awareness: A summer program initiative
Ying Luo, Ehean Kim, Xiaofei Lu Enhancing the development of noun phrase post-modification in L2 English learners through repeated computerized dynamic assessment
Kashmir Kaur Student perspectives on native-speakerism in cross-border education
Mar Galindo At-home vs abroad students: a comparative study on code-switching in the Spanish language classroom
Coffee Break ICC Galleria
5:00-5:50 Round Table ICC Auditorium

Moderator: Leah Metzger

Christina Isabelli , Gonzaga University
Amelia Dietrich, The Forum on Education Abroad
Jesús Fernández, Embassy of Spain 
Gatanna Andrade, Georgetown Student
Daniel Stewart, Georgetown Student

Speakers will field audience-generated questions. Please do not forget to send us your question(s).
6:00-7:00Keynote Uju Anya ICC Auditorium
Title: New language identities in study abroad: The case of African Americans learning to speak blackness in Brazil
7:00 Reception ICC Galleria