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9:00- 5:00 Registration/Check-In ICC Galleria
 8:30-9:00Breakfast ICC Galleria
9:00-10:30pmConcurrent Sessions

Lexicon, syntax

Lg. Dev. ICC 108
Chair: Daniel Stewart

9:00 Carmen Pérez-Vidal & Zeynep Köylü 
Formulaicity and lexical complexity development in SA: The case of SALA 

 9:30 Irmak Su Tütüncü, Samantha N. Emerson, Jing Paul, Murat Şengül & Şeyda Özçalışkan 
Learning novel words for motion by speakers of structurally different languages 

10:00 Jessica Kotfila, Heidi Getz, & Elissa Newport
The Acquisition of Word Order: From Strings to Sentences

Heritage speakers

Program Design    ICC 115
Chair: Víctor Fernández-Mallat

9:00 Tammy Jandrey Hertel & Abby Dings
The study abroad experiences of heritage Spanish speakers

9:30 Silvia Marijuan & Scott Ferree
Navigating linguistic and cultural boundaries: Spanish heritage speakers and pre-departure exchanges in study abroad

10:00 Gorka Basterretxea Santiso, Andrea Hernando, Fatima Ventura Ramirez, Caroline Vail & Cristina Sanz
A mixed methods study on scholars’ and practitioners’ perspectives on heritage speakers and study abroad

Pragmatics & sociolinguistics

Lg. Dev. ICC 107
Chair: Joe Cunningham

9:00 Himmet Sarıtaş & Şeyda Özçalışkan 
How gesture helps with disfluent speech for second language learners in face-to-face and online interactions 

9:30 Àngels Llanes, Ariadna Sánchez & Júlia Barón 

The development of pragmatic markers in children: Does learning context matter? 

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break ICC Galleria
11:00-11:50Eva Alcón ICC Auditorium
TItle: Studying Abroad in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges
12:00Concurrent Sessions


Panel 2 — SA research and SLA theory: What’s the connection?

1:30 Poster Session 1 ICC Galleria

#1. Weiqi Zhao & Hye Pae How bilinguals read: cross-language phonological activation in English as second language learners
#2. Andrea Paola Hernando & Caroline Vail Tenía miedo de darme cuenta de que no hablo español: Understanding anxiety in study abroad
#3. Gabrielle Stokes, Adriana Miller, Michele Diaz & Janet van Hell Understanding emotion in different languages: Emotional prosody recognition in bilinguals and the impact of background noise
#4. Sydney Carroll The rose that grew from concrete: An auto-ethnographic experience of an African American women’s perspective on her journey of self identity development while in Germany
#5. Esther Vicente Manzanedo Differences in aptitude in multilingual children from two age groups
#6. Jennie Roloff Rothman Utilizing CLIL to Prepare Japanese Students for Study Abroad
#7. Helena Roquet Pugès, Adriana Soto Corominas, Noelia Navarro, Marta Segura, & Yagmur Elif Met CLIL effects on receptive vocabulary and grammar gains in English, Catalan and Spanish in Catalonia
#8. Halyna Zaporozhets Studybridge Ukraine-Germany as curricula development cooperation in language learning before and during war time in Europe
#9. Walther Glodstaf Assisting the development of heritage languages via study abroad: Results from a priming Study
10. Anna H.-J. Do Enhancing ESL Programs at CUNY
1:30 Lunch ICC Galleria

Cosponsor: Education Office, Embassy of Spain
2:30-4:00 Concurrent Sessions

Social networks

Lg. Dev.   ICC 108
Chair: Víctor Fernández-Mallat

2:30 Kristen Kennedy Terry & Robert Bayley
Quantitative social network analysis: a critical tool for understanding language acquisition during study abroad

3:00 Andrzej Jarynowski, Karolina Czopek & Michał B. Paradowski 
Ukrainian refugees learning Polish: Language background, affective factors, and  social networks

3:30 Zeynep Köylü & Betül Bulut Sahin 
Shaping your stay abroad: Individual and contextual differences 

Panel 3 — Study Abroad Research Methods In Concept and in Action

 ICC 107

2:30-4:00 Harriet W Bowden & Bernard Issa, Convenors

Bernard Issa & Janire Zalbidea
A Review Of Working Memory Tasks Used In Study Abroad Research

Irene Finestrat & Kara Morgan-Short
Methods to Examine Second Language Processing in Study Abroad Research

Harriet Wood Bowden & Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg
Measuring Second Language Contact During Study Abroad

4:00 Poster Session 2 ICC Galleria

#1. Xinhang Hermione Hu & Kellie Rolstad Learning and teaching abroad: Autobiographical narratives about multinominal, multilingual, and multicultural identity
#2. Bokyung Mun The acquisition of emotive predicates in Korean
#3. Hyun-Sook Kang, Summer Xu & Parya Jangjou International students’ global engagement in US Higher Education: Shifting away from a deficit view
#4. Gengqi Xiao & Donna DelPrete Confronting linguistic borders through translanguaging practices in a multilingual U.S. secondary school
#5. Kumiko Tsuji Developing intercultural competence and global awareness: A summer program initiative
#6. Ying Luo, Ehean Kim, Xiaofei Lu Enhancing the development of noun phrase post-modification in L2 English learners through repeated computerized dynamic assessment
#7. Kashmir Kaur Student perspectives on native-speakerism in cross-border education
#8. Mar Galindo At-home vs abroad students: a comparative study on code-switching in the Spanish language classroom
Coffee Break ICC Galleria
5:00-5:50 Round Table ICC Auditorium

Title: Education Abroad, Language, Learners and Communities

Moderator: Carmen Pérez-Vidal

Christina Isabelli , Gonzaga University
Amelia Dietrich, The Forum on Education Abroad
Jesús Fernández, Embassy of Spain 
Gatanna Andrade, Georgetown Student
Daniel Stewart, Georgetown Student
Leah Metzger, Georgetown Student

Speakers will field audience-generated questions. Please do not forget to send us your question(s).
6:00-7:00Keynote Uju Anya ICC Auditorium
Title: New language identities in study abroad: The case of African Americans learning to speak blackness in Brazil
7:00 Reception ICC Galleria