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Linguistics and the Public Good: Representing the Language of Underrepresented Groups

Represent: [ɹɛpɹiˈzɛntʔ]

  1. describe, characterize, specify
  2. speak on behalf of, advocate for

For GURT 2019, we invite submissions for papers and posters on the topic of representing the language of underrepresented groups, in both senses of the word “represent.”  As linguists, we serve the public good in expanding knowledge of the diversity and universality of linguistic aspects of human cognition and social interaction.  One of the best ways to expand this knowledge is through the description and analysis of languages and language varieties that are underrepresented in the literature.  But we also have a responsibility to serve the public good by advocating for those whose languages and dialects we analyze, especially those groups who are underrepresented and under-served in society at large.  Submissions on all aspects of the theme of “Linguistics and the public good” are invited, and we specifically encourage submissions on the following themes:

The Grammar of African-American English
Invited speaker: J. Michael Terry, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Heritage Learners in the Language Classroom
Invited speaker: Guadalupe Valdés, Stanford University

The Language of Underrepresented Groups in the Legal Arena
Invited speaker: John Rickford, Stanford University

Digital Resources for Cultural Heritage
Invited panel:

  • Azeb Amha, University of Leiden
  • Mary Linn, The Smithsonian Institution
  • Fr. Columba Stewart, OSB Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

Diversifying Linguistics: Working Toward a More Inclusive Field
Invited panel: 

  • Kirby Conrod, University of Washington
  • Stephany Dunstan, North Carolina State University
  • Julie Hochgesang, Gallaudet University
  • Nicole Holliday, Pomona College
  • Gloria Park, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Minnie Quartey, Georgetown University

Beyond the Academy: Communicating Linguistics to the Broader Public

Invited speaker: Deborah Tannen, Georgetown University

The conference will take place March 29 – 31, 2019, in the Bunn Intercultural Center, on the main campus of Georgetown University. Please consider joining us and contributing to an informative and challenging weekend. For more information about the current conference, please click here.

If you require English-ASL interpreting services, please contact us as soon as possible.

Organized by The Faculty of the Department of Linguistics