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2:00- 5:00 Registration/Check-In ICC Galleria
3:30-5:00pmConcurrent Sessions

Panel 1 — Cultural diplomacy: the role of the embassies and the US Department of Education.

ICC 107
Convenor: Dr. Fernández González

3:30-4:00 JesĂşs Fernández González & JesĂşs Cerdá  
Fancy teaching English in Spain: NALCAP is the answer 

4:00-5:00 Round table showcasing the role of embassies in promoting international education and education abroad. 

  • Moderator: GlĂłria Alhinho, Camões, I.P. Lecturer
  • France: Xavier Moquet, Education AttachĂ© 
  • Germany: Jacob Comenetz, Senior Cultural Affairs Officer 
  • Japan: Taichi Kaneshiro, Education Counselor 
  • Spain: JesĂşs Fernández, Educacion Counselor 
  • US Department of Education: Jennifer Hong, International Affairs
4:30-5:00pmCoffee Break ICC Galleria
5:00-5:10pmOfficial Welcome ICC Auditorium
5:10-6:00pmKeynote Fanta AwICC Auditorium
TItle: Responsible citizenship and international education: The vital importance of language learning for cultural competence