Accommodations 2020

The River Inn Hotel 

The GURT rate for the River Inn is $219.00 plus 14.95% taxes. This price includes complimentary breakfast (one per room per night, to be consumed in DISH + Drinks). Check-in as early as March 11, and check-out as late as March 15.

This rate is now good only until February 1st, 2020

Located on 924 25th St NW, Washington, DC 20037, the River Inn is a 30- minute walk to the main Georgetown Campus through the historic Georgetown neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods, or a 10-minute Uber/taxi ride, or a 10-minute bus ride plus 10-minute walk.
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The two closest hotels to campus are

Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center

Between the Medical Campus and University campus is the Georgetown Hotel and Conference center.
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Georgetown Inn

The next closest hotel is the Georgetown Inn located on Wisconsin Avenue approximately a 15-minute walk away from campus.

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