Accepted Archival Papers

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Jonathan Dunn Exploring the Constructicon: Linguistic Analysis of a Computational CxG

Gabor Simon Constructions, collocations, and patterns: alternative ways of construction identification in a usage-based, corpus-driven theoretical framework

Ludovica Pannitto, Aurelie Herbelot CALaMo: a Constructionist Assessment of Language Models

Jussi Karlgren High-dimensional vector spaces can accommodate constructional features quite conveniently

Allison Olivia Fan, Weiwei Sun Constructivist Tokenization for English

Katrien Beuls, Paul Van Eecke Fluid Construction Grammar: State of the Art and Future Outlook

Kristopher Kyle An argument structure construction treebank

Priyanka Dey, Roxana Girju Investigating Stylistic Profiles for the Task of Empathy Classification in Medical Narrative Essays

Haibo Sun, Yifan Zhu, Jin Zhao, Nianwen Xue UMR annotation of Chinese Verb compounds and related constructions

Leonie Weissweiler, Taiqi He, Naoki Otani, David R. Mortensen, Lori Levin, Hinrich Schuetze Construction Grammar Provides Unique Insight into Neural Language Models

Arthur Lorenzi Almeida, Vânia Gomes de Almeida, Ely Edison Matos, Tiago Timponi Torrent Modeling Construction Grammar’s Way into NLP: Insights from negative results in automatically identifying schematic clausal constructions in Brazilian Portuguese

Depling (Conference on Dependency Linguistics)

Zoey Liu, Stefanie Wulff The development of dependency length minimization in early child language: A case study of the dative alternation

Necva Bölücü, Burcu Can Which Sentence Representation is More Informative: An Analysis on Text Classification

Dag Trygve Truslew Haug, Jamie Yates Findlay Formal Semantics for Dependency Grammar

Antoine Venant, François Lareau Predicates and entities in Abstract Meaning Representation

Yixuan Li Character-level Dependency Annotation of Chinese

Maja Buljan What quantifying word order freedom tells us about dependency corpora

Kim Gerdes, Sylvain Kahane, Ziqian Peng Word order flexibility: a typometric study

Yamei Wang, Geraldine Walther Measure Words are measurably different from sortal classifiers

Simon Mille, Josep Ricci, Alexander Shvets, Anya Belz A pipeline for extracting abstract dependency templates for data-to-text Natural Language Generation

TLT (Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories)

Zdeňka Urešová, Jan Hajič, Eva Fučíková Corpus-Based Multilingual Event-type Ontology: annotation tools and principles

Cristina Fernández-Alcaina, Eva Fučíková, Jan Hajič, Zdeňka Urešová Spanish Verbal Synonyms in the SynSemClass Ontology

Erica Biagetti, Oliver Hellwig, Sven Sellmer Hedging in diachrony: the case of Vedic iva

Daisuke Bekki, Hitomi Yanaka Is Japanese CCGBank empirically correct?  A case study of passive and causative constructions

Ee Suan Lim, Wei Qi Leong, Thanh Ngan Nguyen, Dea Adhista, Wei Ming Kng, William Chandra Tjhi, Ayu Purwarianti ICON: Building a Large-Scale Benchmark Constituency Treebank for the Indonesian Language

Christopher Sapp, Daniel Dakota, Elliott Evans Parsing Early New High German: Benefits and limitations of cross-dialectal training

Chloé Kiddon, Eric Yeh, John Bauer, Alex Z Shan, Christopher D Manning Sys1 and Sys2, Tools for Searching and Manipulating Dependency Graphs

Julia Bonn, Skatje Myers, Jens E. L. Van Gysel, Lukas Denk, Meagan Vigus, Jin Zhou, J. Andrew Cowell, William Croft, Jan Hajič, James H. Martin, Alexis Palmer, Martha Palmer, James Pustejovsky, Zdeňka Urešová, Rosa Vallejos, Nianwen Xue Mapping AMR to UMR: Resources for Adapting Existing Corpora for Cross-Lingual Compatibility

UDW (The Universal Dependencies Workshop)

Alexey Koshevoy, Ilya Makarchuk, Anastasia Panova Building a Universal Dependencies Treebank for a Polysynthetic Language: the Case of Abaza

Federica Gamba, Daniel Zeman Universalising Latin Universal Dependencies: a harmonisation of Latin treebanks in UD

Chamila Liyanage, Kengatharaiyer Sarveswaran, Thilini Nadungodage, Randil Pushpananda Sinhala Dependency Treebank (STB)

Stella Markantonatou, Nikolaos Constantinides, Vivian Stamou, Vasileios Arampatzakis, Panagiotis G. Krimpas, George Pavlidis Methodological issues regarding the semi-automatic UD treebank creation of under-resourced languages: the case of Pomak

Diego Alves, Božo Bekavac, Daniel Zeman, Marko Tadic Analysis of Corpus-based Word-Order Typological Methods

Jamie Yates Findlay, Saeedeh Salimifar, Ahmet Yıldırım, Dag Trygve Truslew Haug Rule-based semantic interpretation for Universal Dependencies

Amir Zeldes, Nathan Schneider Are UD Treebanks Getting More Consistent? A Report Card for English UD

Chihiro Taguchi, David Chiang Introducing Morphology in Universal Dependencies Japanese